If you are planning to develop a website for your business, then this blog is just for you. In many of the cases, clients just know that they need a website for their business but they have no idea what functionality they need on their websites.

You need to do a little homework before contacting to any web development company or website designer. At first, you need to surf a little bit on the internet and do some study of those websites who do similar business that you have. Then try to figure out website structure of your website. To know more about what is website structure read below paragraph.

Website Structure

Website structure starts with the list of menu and sub-menu. Visit any website that you admire most. See the list of menu and sub-menu. The most common menu that is mostly used are Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us. When you click any menu a page will load on your screen and will show you the content of that page. Once you are clear with the list of menu and sub menu for your websites. Next step is to decide what will be the static content and what will be dynamic content in your website.

Static Content

When you visit any website then focus on the content of the website. That content which will not get change/update for a long time for example company introduction, Company address, History of the company etc. These types of contents are developed static. You will not get any admin section to update this content. If in future, you may have a requirement to update this content then in that case you need to contact the website development company or hire a developer to change/update your content.

Dynamic Content

That content which needs to change/update periodically is developed dynamic. For example, in a Product page, you may need to add or delete any product, in testimonial page you need to add a testimonial, in the photo gallery or video gallery you may need to add or delete any photo or video etc. Here, you will get an admin area from where you can update these details.

If you are planning to develop any web page content as dynamic then you have to also note the format of your content in which you want to display on your web page. For example, in the case of testimonial, you may want to display the photo of the client, Title and testimonial description. So in this case Photo, title and description will be the format. Admin section will be developed in such a way that you can fill this information in a form and press submit. Then this information will be live on your website.

Once you are clear on your website structure, you are ready to share your ideas with the developer, sales person or any business analyst whoever contacts you to develop the website for your business.

If you have gone through with above suggestion of website development for your business then you will know what exactly you have asked from the service provider and what you are being delivered. This will also increase the success rate of your website project for your business.

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