Web hosting with the help of filezilla

Web hosting with the help of filezilla

What is Filezilla

Filezilla is an open source application and it helps to move files from our local computers to web servers of the hosting service providers. It is available in 47 languages. It is easily available in web and easily found by searching in search engines.

About Filezilla Interface

On the top you can see the menu (File, Edit, View, Transfer, Server, Bookmarks, Help)

Followed with menu you can see the toolbar with some shortcut icons. Below that you can see quickconnect shortcut to any web server. You can easily connect to any server by providing the host details, user name, password and its port number. Below that there is white space which will show the current status-actions which are happening when you try to connect to server or try to upload or download from connected server.

Below you can see two divisions/partitions

1.     Local site

2.     Remote site


Each partition is further more divided into two more partitions. Upper partition shows the list of files and folders where you select the folder. And then lower partition shows the files and folder under the selected folder.

Below you see the queue box where you can see the list of queued files, failed files and successful files.

How to download Filezilla

Create FTP Account from hosting cpanel

Uploading the website from local system to web hosting server with the help of filezilla

Step 1: Select file from menu list and then select site manager

Step 2 When you click the site manager it will open the site manger popup.

Step 3: Click on new Site button and give site name. On the right side provide the Host and port. Below under the protocol select FTP – file transfer protocol. Under encryption select only use plain ftp. Under Logon type select Normal. Under user provider user name of ftp account. Under password provide the password of ftp account. Then click on ok.

Note: All the above FTP details will be provided by the hosting service provider. If you don’t have these then you can create it by login into you hosting cpanel and then create ftp account from there.


Step 4

When you press ok filezilla will start trying to connect with the server. If all the details provided will be correct then it will show the message

Status:           Logged in

Status:           Retrieving directory listing…

Status:           Directory listing of “/” successful

And under the remote site it will show the list of files and folder of server.

Step 5:

Once you are able to see the server files and folder. Select the folder with name public_html and double click it to enter the folder. This is where you need to paste all the files and folder of your website. Now from the left side you can see the local site. There you will able to see the file and folder of your local computer. From there select the folder that contains your website files and folder.

Step 6

Once you are inside the folder that contains the website materials. Then select all the files and folder that you want to move to server and then right click on them and then click on upload. Once you click on upload all the selected files and folder will get pasted under public_html. When all the files are successfully moved then your webpages are online.

Upload and download your website with filezilla

Downloading the web pages from web hosting server to local computer with the help of filezilla

Step 1: Open Filezilla and connect to host server.

Step 2: Once the connection is established then open the public_html

Step 3: Once inside the public_html then select the files and folder that you want to download and right click and select download

Step4:  your selected files and folder will start downloading.

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