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In this Blog, you will read

– What is hosting and what you get when you buy any hosting packages?

– Choosing the right hosting.

– Big mistake people do while selecting hosting.

Hosting is home for any website. Like you have space in for living in the home, in the same way, the website has space in web servers. Whenever you buy hosting service from any Top Hosting providers in India you get below service under hosting:

– Website space in hosting

– Monthly Bandwidth

– Email service

– Email hosting space

– FTP Connections/accounts

– Database

Website Space is a web space which is provided by the top hosting service providers to save the website contents in the server.

Monthly Bandwidth is the upload and download limit per month by all your website surfers. For example, if you have 15 GB of bandwidth per month then whenever anyone visits your site then the web pages are transferred from the server to host system. This involves some download and upload request. It should not exceed your monthly provided limit.

Email Service: email service is a part of hosting but it is optional to use the email service. I have seen many people still using their Gmail ids or other email ids instead of domain email ids. If you choose to use the email service of hosting then you should know how many email ids you can create and what will be the hosting space you will get for these email ids.

FTP accounts are used to connect with web servers and to upload and download the website related files and directories.

Database: Database is also part of hosting service. Some of the service providers charge extra if you choose to have a database in hosting. So if you are going to run a website which is dynamic then you should know which database you will be getting with hosting.

Choosing the right hosting for website

If you surf the web you will know there are many cheap hosting packages and many Top Hosting provider in India available out there. So which hosting package in India suits you best? Before going to select any hosting price or hosting package, it is important to know your requirements first.

Discuss with your developers about the total size of files that will be used in your website development. Try to figure out the monthly traffic that you can have. Also, it is very difficult to say about the traffic but you can take some approx. idea. Have some idea of how many email ids you need to run your business. Do you need a database to run your website?

Once you are aware of these points then you can go through the available hosting packages and then select the best hosting package in India from hosting price list that suits your website and your pocket too.

Big mistake people do while selecting hosting

In business, we say if it is possible to save a single currency unit without affecting the business then we should go ahead and save it. Many people buy hosting with huge web space, a large amount of bandwidth, unlimited email ids etc. There is nothing wrong in buying if your pocket allows you to invest this much. But you should know if you do this there will be web space that you will never use but you will pay for that every year, there will be bandwidth that you will not use, there will be email ids that will be never created or used but you will pay to your hosting provider because your hosting package includes all this.

Or it can be opposite; you may be having more traffic for your website but your monthly bandwidth gets overs soon. You may require more email ids but your limit of creating email ids is crossed.

So for both case, you must know your requirement and then select the cheap hosting packages.

Wish you good luck for your website development in India and for selecting the best web hosting service in India.

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