Free Web Hosting in India For 10 Days

Now buy EISS Hosting with smile and confidence. Just send us a query with your name, email id, and domain name. We will revert you with your free hosting panel for 10 days. Once you are satisfied with our services you can buy the yearly hosting package.

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    Top Web Hosting Service Providers in India

    Being one of the top web hosting service providers in India, we promise in providing the right platform to run your website. We do provide such platforms ensuring better bandwidth, high security; also allocate space required for your website to save the contents. We facilitate Linux hosting which enables your website to run very smoothly in the highly secured platform and provides higher experience. Also, we understand that gaining customer trust is very difficult so we also provide free web hosting for the first 10 days in order to gain your trust.

    Web Hosting Price List

    When we say that we are top hosting providers in India in serving the small business to large businesses with our web hosting services. “We not only say just like that, we mean it“. At EISS we have the web hosting package specially designed for everyone. Choose any of the web hosting plans from below web hosting price list which suits your business and budget. We also give you 15 days money back guarantee or free web hosting for 10 days so that you can try our service first and gain confidence in hosting your website to our secure web servers. So stop worrying about your website because you have approached a right hosting service provider.

    Web Hosting Features

    Spam Protection

    • Smart Phone and Blackberry compatible mail boxes.
    • POP3, SMTP, and Webmail Access.
    • On Demand and On Access Virus Scanning.
    • Spam Assassin protection.

    Latest server configuration

    • Powerful Hardware with 256 GB RAM Server
    • Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core Processor Powered
    • SSD Caching for lightning speed delivery
    • cPanel / WHM Reseller Control Panel
    • Cloud Linux OS with CageFS
    • Softaculous – One Click App Installer
    • FREE Site Builder

    Scripting & Database

    • Mysql 5.x Database Support.
    • PHP 5.x, Perl, Python Support.
    • Mysql DBs run from SSD drives for very high speed and performance.

    Special Hosting Features

    • Free SEO TOOLS, Link Builder, Google Site Map Generator  and many more site marketing tools
    • CLOUDFLARE DDOS protection
    • MONSTER SERVERS from 48 GB to 256 RAM for robust performance SITE BUILDER responsive, compatible with all devices such as PC, Mobile, Tablet
    • ARROW SHIELD securing sites from more than 14000 infections and malware attacks

    What is Web Hosting

    Web hosting is like a rented home or office. The way you pay to live in a rented house or work in the office on rent in the same way you pay for hosting the websites in web servers. Hosting can be either Linux hosting or window hosting. The way you decide which bed which sofa and other things will suit your house. In the same way, you choose the hosting package which has the bandwidth limit, website storage space and other facilities of the web server. Like your house it has a physical address, any of your friends or relative can reach your house with the help of your house address. In the same way, your website also has a physical address inside the hosted server. We also call it as DNS which stands for Domain Name System. When any user types your domain name in the browser then it send a request to the associated IP address and then your web pages are loaded in the browser.

    EISS as a top hosting providers in India that offer space on a server for use by the clients. Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through World Wide Web. When searching for the top hosting providers in India, there are a few things to be alert of.  You must take into concern the types of hosting there is with what features you should look for.

    Types of Web Hosting in India

    Whereas free and economical options worked at the start of your company, its needs will increase and so your web hosting will have to change. There are different types of web hosting services in India and it’s important to know its features before choosing it.

    Shared Hosting

    It is the most common one where a web host installs different sites on the server for sharing resources. Shared hosting is the best for those looking for affordable hosting. The two biggest concerns about shared hosting are about security that can easily be threatened and that that shared hosting can’t handle high traffic to a single site. It is a great option for small businesses or businesses on a budget. Shared hosts support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

    VPS Hosting

    VPS stands for ‘virtual private server’. VPS hosting imitates the specific server within a shared hosting environment. VPS hosting is the combination of dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. It is good and cheap but has a drawback of being more expensive than shared hosting.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting configuration that is for the single website or a single purpose. Its easily supports high traffic. Dedicated server hosting gives good performance and is very reliable. This type of web hosting is perfect for large corporations with demanding mission-critical systems.

    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is one of the recent forms of hosting which is practiced by most of the companies and is extremely popular in recent years. One of the notions about cloud hosting is “DIVIDE AD RULE” which means it is a resource which helps to maintain your website and is accessible from one web server to another. This also has reliable security and is very flexible. Cloud hosting is a good option for those who don’t want direct control of their business enterprises.

    Reseller Hosting

    Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting where the user has a specific amount of hard drive space and bandwidth that can be used by a third party to host websites. The reseller will usually buy the space in wholesale and then sell it to the potential customers. It is very flexible and affordable.

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    Managed WordPress Hosting is different from other hosting services. The aspects controlled by hosting provider include scalability, website uptime, daily backups, WordPress updates, speed, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of managed word press hosting depend on the type of control. It is very reliable in case of less control but has a disadvantage in larger transactions.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Web Hosting Services

    Is there any limitation in service during free hosting?
    No, There is no limitation when you are using our free hosting plans for 10 days. Choose the right hosting package that suits your website requirement. You will get everything that is mentioned in the features under the hosting package during the free hosting period. The main objective behind providing you free hosting for 10 days is to gain your confidence. Most of the customers have the question running in there mind like how will be the service, will I face any issue, is this right service for me etc. In order to remove there hesitation we came up with this idea. We don’t want any of our customers should feel like we have wasted our money.

    We want to maintain healthy business relations with all our customers. So we want you to buy our service with a lovely smile and confidence on your face.

    What amount of disk space and bandwidth is incorporated with my plan?
    We don’t set limits on the measure of disk space or data transfer (bandwidth) furnished with our unlimited hosting plans. Whereas If you buy a limited hosting plan then data transfer limit i.e. bandwidth and storage space i.e. disk space details are available under the packages. Read the details and compare with your requirements before buying any hosting package. If you are looking for a cheap hosting package in starting then you can buy our lowest price hosting package and later on when you will have requirement of more bandwidth and disk space then you upgrade your package anytime by giving the extra cost relatively.
    How do I decide how much disk space will be sufficient for my website
    80% of the website of small to medium business runs perfectly in Basic Package. Our Basic hosting package is designed especially after looking at the requirements of small to medium business websites. Also, disk space depends upon your website size and the web space required by for your emails. In the basic plan, you may have to delete unwanted emails regularly so that the web space does not get full. Or you upgrade or buy higher hosting packages.
    What happens to my website if the web space is exceeded?
    We always care for the customers and we make sure their business website online presence does not goes off, so you will get an email requesting to minimize the web space usage whenever your web host limit will get about to finish. This email will be an alert that your website space limit of the hosting package is going to finish. You need to delete the unwanted file from the server and also delete the unwanted emails to empty the hosting space. or you can also upgrade to higher packages. If still you don’t take action and web hosting space get exceeded then your website will go off. And you may need to contact us for extending the limit for a temporary purpose. You can also check the disk space and bandwidth used by you in hosting cpanel. Normally your hosting space exceeds if you are using web hosting space for a large number of media files or heavy media files.
    What if I am not happy with the web hosting service?
    We are one of the top emerging web hosting companies in India. We do our best to keep our all customer happy. If in any case if you are not happy with the hosting service provided by us then you can cancel your order within 15 days of your order and we will refund your full amount. After that, no refund is processed. Note: 15 days refund is only applicable to hosting service. It is not applicable to other services like domain or website development.
    Can I upgrade the web hosting plan if my current disk space and bandwidth exceed the current hosting limits?
    Yes, You can upgrade the hosting package anytime whenever you feel you need more hosting space or bandwidth by paying the respective price. Most of the small business buy the basic hosting package and later when their business grows they upgrade the hosting service.
    Why EISS Hosting Service?
    We are one of the best hosting provider India and we are focused on furnishing you with top quality support and endeavor to guarantee you get the best. Our support team is accessible all day, every day on email, telephone, and talk. To meet our commitment, we have designed a team of tech experts who are very much prepared by system administrators to serve you with first class support?

    You should choose EISS Hosting because we try to give more and more to our customers.

    We were the best hosting provider in India 2017. In 2017, we came up with the idea of “Money Back GUARANTEE”. We offered a 15-day money back guarantee to all customers who buy our hosting service. In case you’re unsatisfied for any reason we’ll refund you the full amount.

    We continued to be the best hosting provider in India in 2018 also. In 2018 we addon our hosting service with 10 Days Free Trail. Now you can also use EISS Hosting for 10 days in free. We are doing all these to make you ensure and confidence in our hosting service.

    Who will maintain the backup of website?
    You are in charge of your backups and web content. You should keep duplicates of your web content safe. We also provide the website backup facility but that is chargeable.
    Cheapest Web Hosting India
    When we are talking of EISS Hosting, the first thing we make is to give you the best quality hosting service and in second thought it should be the cheapest web hosting. You can also compare our hosting plans with all the hosting service providers in India. First, make a list of our web hosting facilities that we are providing then make the list of those web hosting companies who have similar web hosting facilities. We are sure you will find our hosting price very competitive and cheap.
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